Monday, May 7, 2018

ZenPop Sweets Pack from Japan!

Hi cookies!

Are you hungry? If you are, perfect. If you're not, this post will make you hungry πŸ˜…

I showed you guys what was inside my Zenpop Beauty Pack in my previous post but in today's post, I would like to show you what was inside my Zenpop Sweets Pack (April). In case you're not familiar with Zenpop's subscription boxes, do take a look at their inviting website:

They offer different types of boxes full of Japanese products, renewed every month. If you don't want a subscription but you'd still like to try one of their boxes, you can order one whenever you like so no strings attached! But personally, I think once you try a Zenpop pack, you'll be hooked πŸ˜… 

I am a huge fan of Japan and snacks so I devoured everything in my Zenpop pack:
 There were 15 snacks inside the box (sweet as well as salty!)
These are delicious pretzel bites/pieces bursting with edamame (soybean) flavor! I like how there are some almonds inside too. This snack goes well with an aperitif (or a glass of beer, as depicted on the bag!) but I find them delicious on their own. No need for any alcohol here!

2.) SHAKE! Fruit Yogurt Gummy
This is something I've never ever tried nor heard of before! You sprinkle the yogurt powder (in a separate bag inside) on the fruity gummy candy and SHAKE the bag! Fun and yummy.
I really liked these! The biscuits are nice and crispy and the filling inside is coffee with milk flavor! I was so surprised to read that they contain probiotics (1 million lactic acid bacteria!). Good for your tummy and very yummy! 😊

These are chewy sticks (they literally look like chewing gum sticks!) and they taste exactly like coca cola. Very intense flavor. Delicious!

Barbebecue beef flavor chips. As advised in the helpful list that came inside the Zenpop pack, I tried breaking them into pieces, into my salad for dinner. First time I had potato chips in my salad and it was SO GOOD! 

These are potato animal crackers (non-fried) and they're soooo addictive. They're light and crisp and so cute. Each animal in the bag has the type of animal spelled out on it so it's perfect for learning/teaching English! 
 7.) Potato Sticks Piqant Shrimp
These are little potato matchsticks but don't be fooled by their appearance! They are SPICY and so flavorful (sort of like eating spicy shrimp and potatoes). I wasn't sure if the character on the bag was a potato or a bird but I realize it must be a potato because that's what the snack is made out of...a potato, haha. The beak sort of led me astray 😀

These were crunchy yet smooth ('cause they're covered in delicious creamy chocolate). I felt like I was having a real dessert while eating these. πŸ’›

Small rice crackers with bits of nori (seaweed) inside. These are supposed to taste like the ocean...and they actually do!
This is a creative DIY kit which I haven't tried yet but I will soon and I'm sure it'll be lotsa fun. The gummy candy will be shaped like dolphins, whales, fish, turtles, octopus..... I like how it says "Colorful Peace" on the package πŸ˜‰

These are light, corn rings that taste like salty....I wasn't sure what at first. I felt they were slightly fish-flavored but later I looked at the ingredients and saw "chicken extract"! Whatever flavor they are, they're scrumptious! The package contains a little sticker with your fortune written on it. I got "some good luck" πŸ˜ƒ
These are crunchy potato snacks (check out that neat shape!) and they (kinda) taste like barbecue chicken and beef. They were very good!

Round grandola bites full of strawberries, oats, papapya and berries. These weren't very sweet but I actually liked them. Healthy and good!

Love love love these. Like I said in my unboxing video, "this is what Japan tastes like". Senbei are the most traditional Japanese snacks; they're rice crackers coated in soy sauce. Very crunchy and sweet and salty πŸ’—

Here I am, stuffing my face like a greedy little pig 😢:

Sunday, April 29, 2018

ZENPOP Beauty Pack Review - a box full of beauty products from JAPAN!

Konnichiwa Kittens,

I recently received a beauty box from and I'm really impressed. If you love beauty products and you love Japan, this is the box you need to get your hands on! You don't have to hop on a plane to go to Japan...
Zenpop will bring Japan to you!πŸ’œ

Zenpop is part of and they offer 5 different types of boxes, renewed every month: a Sweets Pack, a Ramen Pack, a Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack, a Stationery Pack and a Beauty Pack. Each box costs $29.50, except for the Mix Pack that costs $24.50. Zenpop offers free international shipping and tracking is available for an additional $3! 

Here is the April 2018 Zenpop Beauty Pack:
This month's box is called "Nyanko" Pack. "Nyanko" means kitty in Japanese so everything in the box is related to cats 😸 There were 7 beauty items in the box:
 1.) Shiny Cat Nail Buffer
This cute cat is double sided. The back of this cat's face buffers your nails while the cat's face makes your nails shiny! Your nails will always be in tip-top shape with this kitty. It's the perfect size too, so you can carry it in your handbag.
 2.) Hello Kitty Lip Balm from Sanrio
Look at the darling packaging!! I collect lip balms so I'm sooo happy this was inside this Zenpop beauty box! It's a regular lip balm (tint-free) and the consistency is lovely. My lips feel so smooth wearing this!
 3.) Cat Scrunchie from Maggio (Osaka)
Oh, this scrunchie is the cutest! Look at those eyes 😻 You can tell that it's high quality and I'm so glad I got the white version. I'm very into ponytails these days so I know I'll be using this item a lot!
 4.) KOJI - Spring heart, Liquid Eyeliner
KOJI is a famous Japanese cosmetics brand and this black eyeliner rocks! I tried it and it really is waterproof and rub resistant. The black color is nice and intense. I'm going to be using this...everyday. Meow~

5.)  Cat Eyeliner Template by Ishihara Shoten
This is such an innovative beauty tool! I had no idea it even existed and I'm impressed. You can create different types of cat eye looks with different parts of the cat's body. So creative! And your eyeliner will be symmetrical too (this is great news for me πŸ˜†).
 6.) Hello Kitty Cherry Blossom Essence Sheet Mask
Not only does this smell divine, this sheet mask feels so cool and soothing! As explained in the information sheet, cherry blossoms are rich in antioxidants and they repair the skin's natural barriers. This is the perfect mask for pampering yourself! If you close your eyes, you'll think you're in Japan 😍
8.) Hello Kitty Memo Pad & Pencil
These items were bonus items and as you can see, they're beautiful! 

Every single item in this Zenpop box was not only adorable but also useful. I really recommend this subscription box service. Japanese beauty products are so hard (if not impossible) to find so this box is simply delightful! 

Here is my unboxing video, where I also try the items in my Zenpop Beauty Box! 

Sayonara for now ~

Sunday, April 22, 2018

MUNCHPAK - Yummy International Snacks!

Hi cookies! 

I recently received a MunchPak and it was love at first bite!πŸ˜„
MunchPak is a subscription box full of snacks from around the world. I love learning about different cultures and I love snacks so it's pretty obvious that I am very pleased with this amazing box. This is what the package looks like:
First layer inside the April 2018 Munchpak:
 1.) Lay's Deep Ridged Spicy Crab Chips from Taiwan
These chips are soooo good and addictive! 
The crab flavor is very subtle but they are really spicy.
 2.)Jutrzenka Akuku Gummy Bears from Poland
Sweet, berry flavored gummies. What's not to like about them?
 3.) Mentos Popins from the Netherlands
Sweet, colorful, fruity. I liked the green apple one best (sweet and tangy!)

4.) Crown Saekom Dalkom Grape Flavor from Korea
I love these chews!! The grape flavor is so intense and kinda sour. 

5.) Elit Mozaik Chocolate with Biscuit Pieces from Turkey
A chunk of choco-cookie heaven. 

 6.) KitKat Chunky New York Cheesecake Flavor from Bulgaria
If like me, you love both KitKat and cheesecake, you need to try this. It didn't really taste like cheesecake but the consistency did remind me of cheesecake!
 7.) Ulker Krispi Crackers Hot Flavor from Turkey
After I recorded my Munchpak unboxing video, I devoured the entire bag in 5 seconds. These are PACKED with flavor! Yum.
 8.) Borovets YUPPIE Wafer with Peanuts and Cocoa Coating from Bulgaria
I was surprised by how light and airy the inside of this bar was! The chocolate coating makes it even more delicious.

9.) Brown & Haley Peanut Butter Mountain Bar from the US
My favorite snack in the box! Chocolate on the outside, peanuts inside and a peanut butter center....DIVINE!
 10.) Franck Brusnica Cranberry Tea from Croatia
I love fruity teas and cranberries are so good for you! 
11.) Bourbon Kikori no Kirikabu Coconut Wheat Cookies from Japan
These little tree stumps are so cute! And yummy too. The white chocolate has a delicate coconut milk flavor. Oishiiiiiii.

I give everything a 10/10 and I highly recommend this subscription service. If you love snacks, traveling and discovering new flavors, this is your box 😊

Here I am, munching on the snacks if you're interested πŸ˜‰

Monday, April 16, 2018

3CE Cosmetics Review

Hi cookies,

I recently received some 3 Concept Eyes products from and I'm really liking them! In case you haven't heard of it, 3CE is a popular Korean makeup brand. Their packaging is super cute and being half Asian, I find that their products really suit my skin tone. 

I got 3 lipsticks and a pore minimizer:
This below is the 3CE Stylenanda Back to Baby Pore Velvet Primer and ladies, I have tried so many pore minimizers but none work as well as this one! Wow. It really helps blur out large pores and a little goes a long way:
This is the Love 3CE Glossy Lipstick in Small Step:
The lipstick looks kind of salmon in the tube but on the lips, it's a milky, peachy, nude shade. It is really subtle and delicate but lovely nonetheless! It glides on so smoothly and makes your lips nice and shiny. Nude colors usually wash me out but this one doesn't 😍

Here below is the 3CE Velvet Lipstick in Girls Girls:

This is a tomato red lipstick and it has a matte finish. 
My mamma (who is the coolest blogger 😚: is wearing #Girls Girls and I'm wearing #Small Step here:
The third lipstick I got is the 3CE mood recipe matte lip color in Rows:
I am not a fan of brown lipstick so I went "Ugh" when I saw this in the tube. However, though this lipstick looks brown in the tube, once applied, it's a gorgeous dark, peachy nude. I find it slightly drying but if you prep your lips beforehand and apply a bit of lip balm, all is good! It makes my lips look plumper. I find that it looks like the kind of shade top models wear while pouting in fancy ads πŸ˜ƒ

Have you ever tried any 3CE/Stylenanda products?

Monday, March 26, 2018

KAWAII BOX Review and International GIVEAWAY!

Hi kawaii friends! 

Yes, I've been bitten by the kawaii bug again πŸ˜„ I'm sure most of you know what Kawaii Box is all about but in case you haven't hopped on the Kawaii train yet, Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription box filled with adorable Japanese and Korean items. Kawaii means cute in Japanese so if you love cute things, you will surely find everything inside a Kawaii Box, irresistible:

For the pleasure of your eyes, this is the March 2018 Kawaii Box:

 I love this little purse with an ebi nigiri sushi on it! 
And Look at the Gudetama plushie charm!! He has bunny ears for Easter!  <3
 Hmmmm edible jewelry:

For more details, here is a video of me unboxing this month's Kawaii Box:

As you can tell, I'm a big fan of this company because not only are the items in each box super cute (thank goodness they offer worldwide shipping...and it's free too!), the customer service is fantastic. They're highly efficient and very kind. In fact, I am hosting a giveaway now in collaboration with Kawaii Box so one of you lucky participants is going to win your own Kawaii Box! πŸ™Š

To win your very own Kawaii Box, log-in the below rafflecopter gadget by inserting your e-mail address or via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. The winner will be chosen randomly and contacted by Kawaii Box and me in 23 days! If possible, let me know if you entered this giveaway in a comment below this post. Wishing you a whole lotta kawaii luck! 

Sayaka Alessandra Kawaii Box Giveaway

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Hi dolls,

Long time no blog. Hope you are well and that the weather is nice. We've been having a few sunny days luckily but it's quite dreary today. A perfect day for staying in, surfing the web and checking out online stores. In fact, today I would like to introduce you to one lovely store in particular, specialized in Wedding dresses, Bridesmaid dresses, Cocktail dresses, Special Occasion dresses and Prom dresses online. This global online store is called yesbabyonline

Yesbabyonline is the place to go if you are looking for fashionable, sensual and affordable special occasion dresses. Browsing through their website, you'll notice that they offer a wide selection of dresses and that each one is more striking than the other. You could surely wear a yesbabyonline dress to The Oscars. Let me show you some of their items now and I'm sure you'll agree:

The eye-catching dress below reminds me of Jessica provocative! πŸ‘€

Gorgeous Front-Split Beads A-line Chiffon Sleeveless Prom Dress

I usually don't like to reveal my back but I would totally buy this elegant and breezy dress and wear it at a 
cocktail party 🍸 or a fancy dinner in the summer:

A-Line Side-Slit Halter Newest Dark-Navy Backless Prom Dress

Oh wow, this sparkly, shimmery dress is just breathtakingly beautiful. The fabric is everything.
 I'm obsessed with this color and I even have a shimmery eyeshadow of the same color
The pale blue dress below is so very classy and reminiscent of bygone eras....

Sexy Sky Blue Prom Dresses Off-the-Shoulder Side Slit Gorgeous Evening Gowns

Mermaid style dresses are very in and pastels never go out of fashion. 
I think I've seen Kim Kardashian wear something similar:

Sweep-Train Applique Halter Mermaid Lace Elegant Prom Dresses

You will definitely not go unnoticed in this glittery gold dress! πŸ”

Luxury Gold Mermaid Prom Dresses Sleeveless Front Split Crystals Long Evening Gowns

As you can see, yesbabyonline offers so many different styles. 
The dress below is vintage-inspired and oh so charming. Probably my favorite :)
Now here's a dreamy dress....a dress fit for a fairy tale princess. 

Aren't these dresses stunning? Which one is your favorite? 
Impossible to choose just one, right? πŸ‘—